Set up call notifications
and receive updates on
important calls in real

Discover missed calls from your leads
immediately. Stay up to date on all significant
company interactions
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Set up call notifications and receive updates on important calls in real time

Customize notification options for better

Never miss an <br /> important call

Never miss an
important call

Increase revenue by <br />returning calls

Increase revenue by
returning calls

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

Reduce <br /> churn


Enable call notification scenarios that
fit your company best

...and other types of events
Do you have important clients that require a specialized approach or a greater level of attention?
Set up a notification for your VIP clients to ensure that they are being properly taken care of
What happens to calls that were not answered the first time around?
Have the option to call a lead or customer back instantly, transfer to a different department, or schedule a time to call back later
Has a new manager been added to the team?
Receive recordings of their conversations by email or SMS immediately after their call ends. Give real-time feedback to your new employees
Was there a negative conversation with a client that needs more attention?
Set up a notification for any call with a "Negative" tag and receive these conversations in seconds

Ensure you're always in the loop with
missed call alerts

Stay available even outside the office

Reduce the time it takes to respond, wherever you’re located. Receive alerts to be able to callback as soon as possible

Stay available even outside the office

Elevated customer service

Cultivate a reputation for excellent customer service by demonstrating that you care about the customers’ time and business. Ensure no request is missed and call them back right away

Follow up on every lead

For the longevity of your business, it’s essential to capture every lead. Configure auto-notifications for missed calls directly to your email inbox to avoid missing out on business opportunities.

Integrate all calls into your CRM

CallGear is easy to integrate directly into your CRM or helpdesk. Add call notifications within CRM client cards and see all communication history.

Common questions about Call Notifications

Why does my business need call notifications for missed calls?

Call Notifications is a tool that allows you to receive information about calls through SMS or Email immediately after the call ends. When you miss calls, the best next step is to call back the potential client as soon as possible. Notifications for missed calls allow you to enrich the customer experience and connect with a caller ASAP, automatically or manually.

More amazing features for your business to use with Call Notifications

More amazing features for your business to use with Call Notifications

CallBack for Missed Calls
CallBack for Missed Calls
Automatically call
your customers back
Learn More
Voice Menu (IVR)
Voice Menu (IVR)
Pre-recorded voice messages to welcome and navigate a caller
Learn More
Statistics and Reporting
Statistics and Reporting
Make data-based decisions and improve inbound call management
Learn More
Preferred Agent
Preferred Agent
Route calls to the agent on your team who last dealt with a particular caller
Learn More

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